American Club, ABS Consulting partner up to bolster cyber awareness

With ship owners increasingly reliant on smart technology, cyber coverage has become vital

American Club, ABS Consulting partner up to bolster cyber awareness


By Ryan Smith

The American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (the American Club) has partnered with ABSG Consulting – a risk management subsidiary of ABS, to provide education, training and insurance guidance on maritime cybersecurity.

With maritime owners and operators relying more heavily on smart technology and operational data, cybersecurity has become a business imperative, according to ABSG Consulting. New cybersecurity measures will have an impact on how maritime vessels and facilities are covered by insurers.

“The safety and security of our members is a priority,” said William Moore, director of loss prevention at American P&I Club. “Having a better understanding of the tools available, the programs that can be implemented and the integration of these in the marine industry will help us provide better services to ship owners and charterers globally. The work we are going to do with ABS Consulting is going to help us identify how to enhance our policies, and the offerings we need to incorporate to improve the coverage and services we offer to our members.”

“Collaborating with the American Club to build education programs for their members and industry will give us a better understanding of the real challenges we are collectively facing,” said Ian Bramson, global head of cybersecurity at ABS Group. “This alliance enables us to develop the tools, training and services that support compliance and help ship owners and operators put protection in place to secure their vessels – from the design and construction phases through continuous operation over their service life.”

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