OneDegree unveils cyber insurance offering

New offering launched amid rising AI-driven threats in Asia

OneDegree unveils cyber insurance offering


By Roxanne Libatique

OneDegree has unveiled its latest offering, OneInfinity Cyber Insurance, marking a significant expansion beyond its traditional digital asset insurance solutions.

This new cyber insurance product aims to cater to a broader spectrum of industries, stepping beyond its initial focus on Web3 companies. This strategic move addresses the escalating concern over cyber threats, particularly those magnified by the rapid advancement of AI technologies.

What is OneInfinity Cyber Insurance?

Tailored to meet the demands of a changing threat landscape, OneInfinity offers expansive coverage against a spectrum of cyber incidents, including those propelled by AI.

By incorporating cybersecurity exposure scanning technology from Cymetrics, OneInfinity facilitates instantaneous risk evaluation and scoring, leading to a seamless application procedure and immediate issuance of policies for businesses that qualify.

“As we navigate through an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, it's clear that traditional cyber insurance solutions are no longer sufficient,” said Alex Leung (pictured), co-founder of OneDegree. “With the launch of OneInfinity Cyber Insurance, we at OneDegree are not just responding to the market's demand for more comprehensive coverage; we're anticipating the future needs of businesses across Asia. OneInfinity is more than insurance – it's a partnership in resilience, designed to ensure that businesses can thrive in the digital age with confidence.”

OneInfinity partners with Blackpanda and Cymetrics

OneInfinity went beyond post-incident financial support by partnering with Blackpanda for expert incident response services and Cymetrics for advanced cyber risk monitoring.

These collaborations ensure that clients receive comprehensive assessments and targeted advice from Cymetrics to address system vulnerabilities, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

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