China adds new rare disease drugs to medical insurance coverage

More than 50 drugs have been approved for incorporation into healthcare policies

China adds new rare disease drugs to medical insurance coverage

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By Kenneth Araullo

China has expanded its medical insurance coverage to add more than 50 out of the 75 rare disease drugs approved for marketing in the country.

According to the National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA), the expansion was done to enhance the accessibility and affordability of rare disease drugs, and so more eligible rare disease medications will be included in the medical insurance drug list in the future.

A report from Xinhua also said that the NHSA optimized the admission procedure and reduced entry barriers for these rare disease drugs. With 229,000 designated hospitals and pharmacies across the nation, policyholders can access these drugs more easily, with the regulator taking steps to ensure that there is sufficient supply.

Elsewhere in the country, China’s weakened currency has been driving business to Hong Kong as investors and individuals are rushing to secure higher-yielding bank deposits, insurance, investment products, and US dollars.

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