Nippon Life joins “Spring” initiative for biodiversity conservation

Participation structure split into two

Nippon Life joins “Spring” initiative for biodiversity conservation

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By Roxanne Libatique

Nippon Life Insurance Company has joined the “Spring” initiative.

The initiative is a PRI stewardship effort designed to support the global objective of halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. The initiative comes in response to the escalating destruction of nature and habitat deterioration attributed to expanding economic activities.

What is the initiative all about?

The collaborative venture, officially launched at “PRI in Person 2023” in Tokyo in October, brings together a coalition of investors committed to leveraging their influence for positive outcomes in the realm of nature conservation. Initially concentrating on forest loss and land degradation, the initiative will undertake collaborative engagement with selected companies.

The participation structure in the initiative is bifurcated into:

  • “Participant,” involving roles in strategy development and collaborative engagement
  • “Endorser,” signifying support for the initiative's objectives and strategy, contributing to its development

Partnership with Nippon Life

Nippon Life has opted to participate as an endorser.

In a recent statement, Nippon Life said its overarching objective is to enhance corporate value by contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society characterised by safety and peace.

“We have decided to prioritise the three areas of people, the community and the environment,  and as for the environment, we especially aim to pass on the indispensable Earth to the future as we address environmental problems such as climate change or the loss of natural capital and biodiversity and make efforts towards forming a circular society,” the company said.

Moving forward, Nippon Life said it will intensify its efforts and engagement with investee companies dedicated to the conservation of natural capital and biodiversity.

In other news, Nippon Life announced its intention to acquire the holding company of nursing care provider Nichiigakkan.


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