Marine insurer Skuld launches first online claims tool

It enables members to receive reimbursement of crew claims automatically

Marine insurer Skuld launches first online claims tool


By Ryan Smith

Marine insurance provider Skuld has announced the launch of an online claims tool. Skuld is the first dedicated marine insurer to develop an online claims tool that allows members to receive reimbursement of crew claims automatically.

The tool will allow members, clients, brokers and crewing managers to notify all crew claims to Skuld on the insurer’s website, add information, documents and cost. Simpler claims will be handled automatically, with cash reimbursement processed as quickly as allowed by the banking system, Skuld said. More complex cases will be reverted to Skuld’s claims handlers.

The tool uses a standardised process with less email correspondence and a task manager to keep track of outstanding tasks for claims. It also allows for enhanced transparency between all parties, Skuld said.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of Skuld’s first online claims tool,” said Ståle Hansen, president and CEO of Skuld. “The team have worked extensively to deliver this fully automated solution, which revolutionises the handling of people claims. Skuld’s position as a leading figure in the market is further strengthened with this innovation of productivity. Digital modernisation mutually benefits our members and industry participants, making the claims process more efficient and easily navigable.”

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