Allianz Partners: Homes to be like 'digital fortresses' by 2040

Insurer on the future of how people will live, aided by smart technologies

Allianz Partners: Homes to be like 'digital fortresses' by 2040


By Lyle Adriano

With the goal of gaining insight into the future of home insurance, Allianz Partners has produced a new report that teases the sorts of technology that will be found in households by the year 2040.

As part of its “The World in 2040” futurology series, Allianz Partners has collaborated with futurologist Ray Hammond to produce “Super-Smart Living – The Mid-21st-Century Home,” a detailed report that presents likely future developments and trends that are expected to transform home life and housing between now and 2040.

The report makes several notable insights on a number of topics:


  • The security systems used to protect the super-smart homes of 2040 will be based on the occupants’ biometrics – things such as facial pattern recognition software will become household staples.
  • Empty properties can be remotely monitored by their owners through their preferred data interface (i.e., smart contact lenses, smart glasses, etc.).
  • Burglars of the future will be more like hackers instead of opportunistic criminals, using AI to launch attacks on home networks.

Data & Tech

  • 7G will be the global standard for wireless communication technology in 2040.
  • The data on homeowners and their properties will be rich and layered; this allows homeowners to utilise household data for things like ensuring each room is properly temperature controlled.


  • Robots will play a bigger role in the household, serving as either chefs that can precisely prepare a recipe or smart fridges that can monitor food freshness and quality.
  • New-build houses and apartments will be 3-D printed on site, with robots overseeing the construction.

Leisure Trends

  • Owners of super-smart homes in 2040 will be able to turn their living area into a holo-cinema, which combines VR, AR, and holographic technologies

“The newly built super-smart homes of 2040 will be a platform for software and robotics which provide security, comfort, climate management and a constant stream of smart services and entertainment to its occupants and visitors,” commented futurologist Ray Hammond on his insights.

“Allianz Partners is already making progress in [the area of smart homes] and places a strategic focus on securing the homes of our clients around the world to ensure their peace of mind, thanks to our ‘high-tech, high-touch’ solutions that combine innovation and customer service,” said Allianz Partners Assistance CEO Sylvie Ouziel.

Ouziel added that as homes slowly transform into the high-tech ones described in the report, Allianz Partners is “anticipating and creating enhanced assistance and insurance solutions,” by looking into and integrating possible technologies such as facial recognition, cyber security and virtual assistance.

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