Highlighting this year’s 5-Star Technology and Software Providers

Insurance Business looks at insurtech companies providing top-tier support to the industry

Highlighting this year’s 5-Star Technology and Software Providers



Insurance Business is proud to present this year’s awardees for Global 5-Star Technology and Software Providers, 20 exceptional insurance partners providing efficient and cost-effective solutions on a global scale.  

The top insurtech companies from America, Asia-Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK are reshaping the industry by streamlining and automating claims, reducing manual errors, improving the customer experience, safeguarding sensitive data, and more. 

This year’s awardees thrive by being adaptable and putting their people first. These winning providers choose credible results from cutting-edge and proactive approaches for customer firms rather than overly complex solutions. 

JAVLN is one of 2023’s standout providers. The company thrived in a culture of engineering and problem-solving through modern, well-architected, capable platforms. “We make sure our customers and prospective customers know that we innovate, and we solve new problems as well,” said Dale Smith, CEO of JAVLN.  

Click here to learn more about this year’s winners. 

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