Chris Down, Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance

Chris Down, Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance

Insurance Agent

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance

Age: 32

Though still a relative fledgling in the insurance industry, Chris Down has already made a name for himself in the insurance industry as both an underwriter and agent. Within the space of just five years, Down has obtained his CIP, CRM and one course away from advanced CIP. Today he’s responsible for servicing, maintaining and growing business at Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance. Using a common-sense approach to underwriting, he’s been able to build strong, lasting relationships with agents.

Building off this initial success, Down used his experience to develop into an agent himself – and has gone from a contract property underwriter to servicing a mature book of business. His dedication to self-improvement via education and hard work has been evident throughout this period, helping propel him into a competitive position. As one of his mentors noted, “Chris is a trustworthy, honest and driven professional who has shown great determination to be able to achieve the goals he has set out to achieve in this industry.

I look forward to mentoring and witnessing Chris’ growth over the coming years as he strikes off into what will undoubtedly be the toughest, yet most rewarding career this industry has to offer.”