Dementia insurance product launches in Japan

Policy to provide lump-sum payment and additional services for dementia sufferers among world’s most aged population

Dementia insurance product launches in Japan

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By Gabriel Olano

A dementia diagnosis lump-sum insurance policy has launched in Japan in response to the country’s rising cases of dementia as the population ages even further.

The new “Dementia Support” policy, developed jointly by Saint-Plus Small Amounts and Short Term Insurance Co. and pharmaceutical company Eisai, is open to beneficiaries aged 40-90. Beneficiaries will receive a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of certain conditions, such as organic dementia. Premiums start at ¥163 (US$1.52) a month.

Additional services such as information resources on dementia and telephone consultations with Alzheimer’s Association Japan will be offered to policyholders and beneficiaries.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of people with dementia in the country was estimated at 4.62 million in 2012, and is expected to reach seven million by 2025.

Meanwhile, a survey by Eisai of 224 men and women aged 40 and above revealed that the highest source of anxiety was “personal or family member’s incidence of dementia” followed by “burden of nursing care on family” and “financial burden caused by dementia care.” Consulting with healthcare professionals, having adequate savings, and obtaining more information regarding dementia were cited by respondents as the top factors that lowered their anxiety.

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