Insurance against bullying being sold in Japan

Product to compensate legal and medical costs associated with bullying in schools

Insurance against bullying being sold in Japan

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By Gabriel Olano

With the rising number of reports of childhood and adolescent bullying, an insurance company in Japan is offering a product which can help deal with the problem.

A study by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology revealed that there were 410,000 reported cases of among elementary, middle school, and high school students in 2017, up by 90,000 cases (28%) from the previous year. While the study was unable to determine whether the increase was caused by bullying actually becoming more common or more children becoming more willing to report, bullying has become a more widely talked-about topic in Japan.

Tokyo-based insurer Yell is offering bullying insurance, and is thought to be the first in its market to offer such a product, Japan Today reported. The product does not provide a cash payout if the client’s child is bullied at school. Instead, it will cover medical and legal fees associated with the bullying incident.

Parents who buy the insurance product can consult with Yell’s partner lawyers in case their child is being bullied, in order to determine possible legal solutions to the problem. The lawyers can also assist parents in documenting and compiling evidence, which can help in compelling the school or the bully’s parents to take action and stop the bullying.

The product’s premium costs ¥2,640 (US$24) a month, and covers medical expenses, whether for the victim, or for the bully, in case the victim fights back. It will also compensate for personal property damage caused by bullying-related incidents.

The company has advised parents who buy the insurance for their children to keep the fact low-profile, just to avoid their children from being ridiculed by their peers.

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