Man accused of killing wife for insurance money

Suspect allegedly killed victim by injecting her with liquid nicotine then reporting it as a suicide

Man accused of killing wife for insurance money

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By Gabriel Olano

A 22-year-old man from Sejong, South Korea, was arrested after being suspected for the murder of his 19-year-old wife while they were on honeymoon in Japan.

The suspect is accused of murdering his wife in April 2017 to claim her life insurance payout, worth KRW150 million (US$140,000), reported the Korea Herald. According to the Sejong Police, the husband allegedly injected the wife with liquid nicotine then told the responding police in Osaka that she committed suicide.

After consulting with the deceased’s family, the suspect had her body cremated and returned to Korea shortly after.

Korean police tracked down the suspect after gaining possession of the victim’s autopsy report in Japan through the help of Interpol. The autopsy report revealed that the victim died from nicotine poisoning, and police later found a diary owned by the suspect, which allegedly contained detailed plans for the murder.

The suspect denied the murder charge, claiming that his wife wanted to take her own life and that he only helped her inject the nicotine.

However, the police discovered that the suspect had unsuccessfully tried to kill a former girlfriend two years ago, also using nicotine. The woman told authorities that her ex-boyfriend gave her a nicotine-laced drink but she did not finish it because it tasted weird.


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