MetLife debuts health solution for Asia

Suite of products and services aim to help increase number of healthy years lived

MetLife debuts health solution for Asia

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By Gabriel Olano

MetLife is rolling out its end-to-end health solution across Asia, known as 360Health.

According to a statement by the US-based insurance giant, 360Health seeks to address customers’ health concerns and increase their ‘healthspan’ – or the number of healthy years in their overall lifespan – by preventing and managing serious illnesses.

Prior to launching the programme, MetLife gathered insights from almost 30,000 consumers across markets in Asia, revealing that as many as 60% of people would rather live a shorter healthy life, than a longer life with a serious illness like cancer, dementia or heart disease. Furthermore, most of the customers surveyed in China, Japan, Korea and Australia said that they are worried about the burden serious illness would bring upon their family, yet less than half believe they’re doing enough or are confident they know how to prevent it.

MetLife launched 360Health in South Korea this week, giving customers access to various health protection products in addition to a wide selection of innovative health services, such as discounted genetic testing for cancer and pharmacogenomic testing. A private nurse service is available to accompany and support patients attending medical appointments for a critical illness.

Last year, 360Health was launched in China, with services that include overseas health checks and real-time co-diagnosis between doctors in China and the US. A new solution, known as ‘Safeguarding Your Health Plus’, launched this week, giving customers access to flexible combinations of coverage to address their personal health protection needs at different life stages.

MetLife plans to roll out 360Health to other markets in Asia as well as add more products and services.

“After listening deeply to our customers, we designed a solution that goes beyond products towards an integrated offering that combines insurance products with health services to deliver a simple and engaging customer experience,” said Kishore Ponnavolu, president of MetLife Asia. “Part of our job as protectors and partners to help people navigate the twists and turns of life is to provide solutions that help them prevent, diagnose and manage serious health conditions so they can enjoy longer healthspans, as well as lifespans.”


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