Prudential, Babylon Health to work together in Asia

Projects to reach millions of customers in 12 Asian markets

Prudential, Babylon Health to work together in Asia

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By Gabriel Olano

Prudential and Babylon Health have partnered to bring digital health management tools to millions of the insurer’s clients in Asia.

The firms, which are both headquartered in the UK, will work together to reach customers in up to 12 of Prudential’s markets in Asia, Reuters reported. The partnership reflects Prudential’s expansion strategy, which focuses on offering protection as well as prevention and postponement of adverse health events.

“The strategic partnership with Babylon is consistent with our ambition to address the unmet healthcare needs in Asia where the majority of the population are uninsured or underinsured, alongside an ageing population and escalating medical costs,” said Nic Nicandrou, CEO of Prudential Corporation Asia.

“By empowering customers with self-help tools and real-time health information, we believe the Babylon-enabled platform will inspire them to take an active role in understanding and managing their current and future health needs,” Nicandrou added.

Specific details and launch dates for the projects under the Prudential-Babylon partnership will be announced later this year, the companies said.



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