Revealed: Winners of Asia's five-star insurance technology awards

Data collected from tech providers and brokers who use insurtech

Revealed: Winners of Asia's five-star insurance technology awards

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By Roxanne Libatique

In the past year, uncertainty around the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate the Asian insurance industry, driving forward-thinking organisations to invest in technology. Now, the Insurance Business Asia Five-Star Technology Awards have identified the top insurance technologies that helped organisations remain resilient amid an uncertain environment.

Insurance Business found the top insurance technology providers in Asia by collecting information from brokers, using insurance technology and software products, via face-to-face interviews and detailed surveys over 15 weeks. In addition, a team of industry experts invited technology providers to nominate their products, describe their benefits, and explain why they believed their solutions were worth an Insurance Business Five-Star Award. After the final assessment, 19 top-scoring technology and software providers received the prestigious award.

Some of the top insurance technologies that improved organisations’ processes focused on document management or automation, quote management, claims processing and management, process or sales management (other than CRM), and client and policy management.

You can read more about these companies’ insurance innovations and find out which insurance technologies made the list by reading the full Five-Star Technology report now.

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