Singaporeans petition for equal CareShield premiums for men and women

Online petition gathers over 1,000 signatures in a single day

Singaporeans petition for equal CareShield premiums for men and women

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By Gabriel Olano

An online petition demanding equal CareShield Life premiums for men and women has gathered over 1,000 signatures a day after its launch.

The petition was initiated by several young women who are working to reverse the decision setting sex-based differences in CareShield Life premiums, reported the Straits Times. The upcoming long-term disability insurance scheme will become compulsory for Singaporeans below age 40 beginning 2020.

According to Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor, the difference in premiums is due to the fact that women have longer lifespans than men on average, and that they spend more years of their life in need of assistance.

Charissa Guan, the starter of the petition, wrote: “It is an outrage that women are being penalised for living longer. What statement are we sending to women, young and old, when we penalise them for simply... existing? What message does this send to the world about our nation?”

Under the proposed rates for CareShield Life, a 30-year-old man would pay SG$206 in premiums, compared to SG$253 for a woman of the same age. Premiums for both sexes will increase by 2% yearly for the first five years.

The petition calls for equal premiums, with the difference split between men and women, resulting in a premium of SG$229.50 for everyone.



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