Young Hong Kongers aware of threat posed by climate change

Threat ranked higher than rising cost of living and lack of affordable housing

Young Hong Kongers aware of threat posed by climate change

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By Gabriel Olano

Young Hong Kongers aged 18-35 view climate change as a larger threat than socioeconomic issues such as the rising cost of living, according to a poll by specialist insurer MS Amlin.

Hong Kong is ranked as one of the most expensive cities to live in, but many of its young citizens believe that climate change is a more pressing issue. The majority of the 500 respondents polled have taken action to mitigate climate change, but only a small number have adopted use of clean technology.

The poll revealed that 60% of respondents believe climate change is more threatening than the rising cost of living, and 58% think that it is more pressing than the dearth of affordable housing. Meanwhile, 51% believe climate change is a larger threat than the impact of mainland China’s governmental policies on Hong Kong.

MS Amlin also discovered that young Hong Kongers are personally committed to tackling climate change. A large majority are aware of the impact of climate change, with 94% thinking it will affect them within their lifetime. More than seven in 10 (73%) recycle waste while 72% try to reduce their personal and household energy consumption.

With regard to transportation, 69% use public transportation whenever possible, while 58% would consider buying an electric or hybrid vehicle. However, only 13% have adopted alternative transport systems, such as switching to a green vehicle.

“It is great that the majority of young people have started taking steps to mitigate climate change, but only a small number are adopting clean tech, such as switching to an electric vehicle,” commented Adrian Britten, MS Amlin’s global director of communication. “More could be done here in Hong Kong to promote clean tech and this weekend’s all electric street race shows young Hong Kongers that sustainable motoring can also be thrilling.”

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