Crawford Technologies enlists with the World Wide Web Consortium

Membership will allow firm to help set global standards to benefit customers

Crawford Technologies enlists with the World Wide Web Consortium


By Lyle Adriano

Crawford Technologies – a provider of document solutions to streamline and manage customer communications – has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Members of the W3C work together with the public to develop protocols and guidelines to ensure the long-term growth of the World Wide Web. As a new member of the W3C, Crawford Technologies will support the organisation’s mission while expanding its ability to serve its customers and the accessibility community. The company will engage with accessibility and core web technology experts worldwide through its W3C membership.

“Since its inception, Crawford Technologies has been committed to providing software solutions and services that help enterprises optimise their customer communications. To do this, we work to stay well ahead of the market and be on the forefront of the market and technology,” said Crawford Technologies president and CEO Ernie Crawford. “Becoming a W3C member exemplifies this commitment. With this membership our accessibility experts will have the opportunity to engage with governing bodies to help set global standards that will benefit our customers.”

Crawford Technologies has helped organisations build a culture of inclusivity by offering tools and services for making documents accessible. The company provides a platform for the creation and management of printed, electronic, and web-hosted documents that includes software solutions.

The company currently serves over 1,800 customers on six continents, spanning industries such as baking, insurance, healthcare, utilities, and print.


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