Chubb observes ‘day of service’ across APAC

Employees from 12 markets across Asia-Pacific give back to their communities

Chubb observes ‘day of service’ across APAC

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By Gabriel Olano

Volunteer in Hong Kong interacting with a student from St James Settlement during a workshop

Chubb recently held its annual regional day of service across 12 markets in Asia-Pacific, with almost 1,000 of its employees participating in community projects to increase educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

According to Chubb, the annual regional day of service is a tradition that began in 2012 and reflects the company’s belief that positive contributions to communities return long-lasting benefits to society and the company’s employees and business.

With the theme ‘Education@Heart’, Chubb employees from both general and life insurance operations were also encouraged to collaborate with not-for-profit organisations and business partners to craft initiatives that had lasting impact on communities.

“We believe that quality education should be accessible to all,” said Paul McNamee, regional president for Chubb in Asia-Pacific. “By empowering children with useful skills and knowledge, they will have the opportunity to turn their aspirations into reality and strengthen their communities. For this year’s regional day of service, the collaboration with partners to design programmes with long-term benefits reflects the spirit of giving and the company’s strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

In Hong Kong, 60 of Chubb’s employees volunteered to organise four art and craft workshops for about 120 students from St James Settlement, an organisation that provides various services ranging from community support to residential care for people of different ages and needs. According to Chubb, the workshops aimed to encourage the students to regain confidence in the future and maintain their career aspirations, and remind them that they are loved by the adults around them.

Meanwhile, in mainland China, volunteers travelled 165 kilometres from Beijing to Hebei Province to visit Guanmushan Primary School, which was founded in 2006 through Chubb’s financial support. It marked the first corporate social responsibility project by the group in China. The volunteers donated books, computer equipment, and scholarship grants, as well as interacting with students over games.

In Malaysia, over 100 Chubb volunteers organised fun and interactive educational activities for more than 200 children from Children’s Homes in five locations across the country, as well as donating over 600 books. The activities included general knowledge quizzes, spelling bee competitions, and story book reading sessions.

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