Hong Kong regulator warns about fake insurer WeChat accounts

A total of 15 accounts have impersonated two authorised insurers

Hong Kong regulator warns about fake insurer WeChat accounts

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By Gabriel Olano

Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority (IA) has issued a warning to the public about 15 WeChat accounts that have impersonated the social media platforms of two authorised insurers.

The companies, Prudential Hong Kong Ltd and Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Ltd, have confirmed that they have no connection with these accounts, a statement from the IA said.

According to the regulator, anyone who has provided personal information to the WeChat accounts or has conducted any insurance transactions with accounts should contact their insurers immediately, and report the case to the Hong Kong Police Force.

The accounts are likely part of a phishing scam, which tries to steal personal data or gain access to an individual’s accounts.

The 15 false WeChat accounts are the following:

  1. myprudential_hk/myprudentialhk
  2. Prudential668
  3. gh_c63bd39f477
  4. Prudential_hk
  5. Yingguobaochengbx
  6. Prudential_HK1964
  7. Yy228475958
  8. Reanay-Pru
  9. Prudentialmaster
  10. Gh_192433b3d8cf
  11. Prudential-HK1964
  12. PRU_baocheng_HK
  13. gh_3818c732378d
  14. gh_403811256448
  15. Baochengbx

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