Safe drivers pay 14% lower premiums on average - AXA Malaysia

Telematics product seeks to lower market's region-leading accident and fatality rates

Safe drivers pay 14% lower premiums on average - AXA Malaysia

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By Gabriel Olano

One year after launching its telematics motor insurance product, AXA Malaysia has revealed that safe drivers receive an average discount of 14% on their premiums.

Following Malaysia’s liberalisation of motor insurance in 2017, AXA introduced a usage-based insurance product in an effort to promote better driving behaviour and increase road safety.

The AXA FlexiDrive product helps motorists become more aware of their driving behaviour by offering discounts of up to 20%, based on how safe they drive. Poor drivers are not penalised, but instead are offered personalised driving tips on how to improve their behaviour.

The telematics device also has an automatic accident alert and assistance feature which, in case it detects an accident, will contact emergency medical services and direct them to the vehicle’s location. It can also detect theft and will notify the driver with a real-time alert. Upon receiving the police report, AXA will work with law enforcement to help recover the vehicle.

“According to the transport ministry, Malaysia has one of the highest accident and fatality rates in the region,” said Emmanuel Nivet, CEO of AXA Affin General Insurance (AXA Malaysia). “We are very concerned and committed to do our part to encourage responsible driving and improve the road and vehicle safety in the country.”

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