FWD enables 24/7 travel insurance claims via chatbot

AI-powered bot developed in cooperation with homegrown start-up

FWD enables 24/7 travel insurance claims via chatbot

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By Gabriel Olano

FWD Singapore has launched a chatbot that allows its customers to make travel insurance claims 24/7.

The chatbot, named Faith, will assist customers through the entire process of submitting travel insurance claims, and will also answer their queries about FWD’s offering of life and general insurance products. It was jointly developed by FWD and Active.Ai, a Singapore-based fintech start-up that seeks to help financial institutions process and understand unstructured customer data through its proprietary AI enterprise platform.

According to the insurer, with Faith operational, customers who normally would have to send an e-mail or leave a request for a call-back outside of the insurer’s call centre operating hours can now have their queries and claim requests attended to immediately.

Many Singaporean travellers have cited the travel insurance claim process as a source of irritation. FWD said that the launch of Faith is yet another of its innovations to make the process easier for travellers. These include an electronic claims payment system that eliminates the need for cheques, and the FWD Flyer mobile app that allows customers to avail of cashless medical treatments in case they fall ill on a trip.

“When customers do need to make a claim on their insurance plans, they’d want the process to be seamless, quick and efficient,” said FWD Singapore CEO Abhishek Bhatia. “With Faith, this is exactly what they will experience, with the bonus that they can talk to her at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a mobile device and a working internet connection.”

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