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The 2024 Elite Brokers recognised by Insurance Business represent the best insurance brokers in Australia. These members of the broking elite have demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate persistent market challenges while prioritising client service.

This year’s best insurance brokers are reaping the results of well-honed strategies emphasising their client-first approach. They are delivering exceptional value and excelling in areas deemed crucial to top performance by insurance experts IB consulted for this report, such as:

  • cultivation of strong, enduring relationships

  • communication focused on simplifying complex information

  • in-depth comprehension of market dynamics and the impact of social issues

  • a proactive risk improvement mindset

  • establishment as a trusted adviser and first port of call for clients

“Elite Brokers need to understand the market from every angle, the risk requirements of their customers and the markets that can best support these requirements, while also understanding the mechanics of pricing risk and the challenges insurers can face,” says Lorelle Hillman, general manager of partnerships at QBE Australia Pacific.

“Not only that, but they also need to be someone who inspires all and represents our industry in a positive and purpose-led manner,” she adds.

Fellow expert Colin Fagen, a 2023 IB Global 100 winner and Blue Zebra Insurance co-founder and managing director, says, “The best insurance brokers need to understand traditional and emerging risks, including cyber and catastrophe exposures, and advise clients on how to mitigate them.” 

Spencer Hon – Eternity Insurance and Financial Services
Elite Broker ranking: 3
Client-centric approach drives growth

Founding the flourishing business in 2012, and as its principal, Hon has built a team respected for their expertise and drive in delivering exceptional client service and value.

“My focus now is on leading my team and staying in constant communication with the clients,” he says. “We’re dealing with challenges such as premium increases, which result in difficult conversations with some clients. But we are devoting more time to the client and resources to find affordable premiums with good coverage.”

Hon draws on his substantial experience in financial services across the Asia-Pacific region to continuously improve the quality of advice he and his team provide.

That commitment to excellence has proved an invaluable competitive advantage as word-of-mouth and existing client referrals drive the skyrocketing number of policies written each year.

He emphasises a back-to-basics approach to ensure client satisfaction, which includes:

  • active listening, asking questions and then advising


  • proactive client communication 


  • focusing on authenticity and honesty


With a laser focus on client service at every stage of the journey, Hon remarks that building long-term relationships has never been more critical. 

That approach to setting the stage for becoming a trusted adviser and go-to broker is underscored by Hillman, who says, “Depending upon your book of business, your clients’ needs will differ. A top performer leads with a risk improvement mindset and searches for the best coverage for their clients, regardless of price.” 


Spencer Hon, Eternity Insurance and Financial Services
“I never classify a client as small or big because a small client can turn into a large one; I treat everyone with respect and devote my time to them equally”
Spencer HonEternity Insurance and Financial Services


Patrick Selle – Arcuri & Associates
Elite Broker ranking: 5
Consistency at the heart of top performance

Putting over 15 years of industry experience to work, Selle got into the business about seven years ago as an authorised representative of Arcuri & Associates. He adeptly manages his own business, booking financial lines and general insurance clients with a substantial portfolio of builders’ warranty clientele.

His leadership and reputation for being responsive and accurate have propelled him to the forefront. Selle’s pursuit of excellence was also recognised in 2021 when IB named him a Rising Star for outstanding performance as a broker under 35.

“We’ve grown the business and continue to build great relationships while learning from existing ones,” he says. “Working in collaboration is far better than working alone because, together, you can deliver the best client outcomes.” 

Selle’s motto is “practice makes perfect,” embodying an approach that enables him to drive success across several areas:

  • exceptional client service and experience


  • alignment with like-minded industry professionals


  • building a robust partner network throughout Australia


  • emphasising learning and development


“The most important part for me is doing the due diligence and the checks and balances to be compliant,” he says. “And that leads to creating an exceptional experience for a client.”

Managing complex claims, inflation and significant cost rises across the board are some of the challenges Selle has faced.

He says, “I’ve overcome that by managing expectations from clients and working with them, as well as key stakeholders, to support them through these times.”

He stepped outside his comfort zone recently while on a family holiday and saw a psychic.

“They said people do business with you because you’re honest and you’ll do the right thing by them,” he says. “They advised me to put that in my trademark and continue being honest because I’m doing the right thing.” 


Patrick Selle, Arcuri & Associates
“I go above and beyond and treat my clients as if they’re my family, and it’s a nice feeling when, as a broker, you also become a bit more to a client”
Patrick SelleArcuri & Associates


Abbie Wilson – National Insurance Brokers
Elite Broker ranking: 18
Prioritising clients throughout the journey

A passion for personal service and finding solutions for her clients has fueled Wilson’s growth. Her commitment to excellence has also been recognised with numerous accolades, including being a winner of IB’s Elite Women and being named to the 2022 Elite Broker list. She takes pride in advocating for her clients across Australia as she strives to drive change and progress within the industry.

“First and foremost, show up and be there for the clients, not only when it matters,” she says. “If a broker can put themselves in their client’s shoes, everything will always be smooth.”

Developing a robust network of referrals has been instrumental in keeping Wilson on the leading edge of broking, along with the approaches she has honed over her decades-long career:

  • prioritising time management

  • clear, transparent communication, with a focus on putting the clients’ needs first

  • leading with authenticity and empathy

She acknowledges that some of her clients are under stress due to a combination of economic factors. That understanding of the unique societal issues of the past few years is a point of difference highlighted by Blue Zebra’s Fagen.

For Wilson, having empathy for people’s wellbeing is a priority.

She says, “It’s all about the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of all clients and businesses, including the communities that the clients are in.”

She recalls memorable advice from a trusted and respected industry colleague that has positively impacted her career journey.

“When hitting a rough patch, the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train; it is the light of opportunity,” Wilson says. “You must always keep walking towards that light.” 


Abbie Wilson, National Insurance Brokers
“Our client referrals are strong, and that’s based on how we treat current clients and a testament to the service we’re delivering”
Abbie WilsonNational Insurance Brokers


Rebecca Fox – Fox Insurance Solutions
Elite Broker ranking: 21
Promoting industry through involvement

As the founder and managing director, Fox has established a thriving business based on trust and respect. IB has recognised her outstanding influence and achievements as a two-time Elite Woman winner.

The relationships she has built over her more than 30 years in the industry and her community involvement have been key drivers of her success.

She says, “My strategy is all about listening to what clients need, building trust and delivering for them. I work for myself and have flexibility. As a community-minded person, it gave me time to get involved with my community, which, in turn, has grown my client base.”

The firm has experienced significant business growth over the last two years, attributed to these strategies:

  • contacting clients regularly to check on their wellbeing 

  • sharing advice and opinions 

  • promoting insurance positively


Fox now has more time to dedicate to clients as a new employee has assumed administrative tasks. Like the other best insurance brokers, educating clients and explaining the complexities of the market have required considerable time investment.

Having earned the respect of her peers and built a reputation as a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate broker, Fox prides herself on her pragmatic approach to client satisfaction and service by:

  • emphasising emotional intelligence in client relationships 

  • listening, understanding and delivering solutions

Earlier in her career, Fox heard about the glass ceiling for women in insurance and decided to disregard it.

“Once I did that, I started to thrive,” she says. “I have received a lot of advice, good and bad. For me, it’s about not having limitations. You have to concentrate on yourself.” 


Rebecca Fox, Fox Insurance Solutions
“I never make my clients feel like they’re a number; I recognise the importance of positive relationships built through honesty, transparency and knowing what they need”
Rebecca FoxFox Insurance Solutions


Best Insurance Brokers in Australia |
Elite Brokers

Best Insurance Brokers in Australia | Elite Brokers 
  • Austin Rosier
  • Ben Van der Merwe
  • Dale Hansen
    Austbrokers Coast to Coast
  • Daniel Webber
    Webber Insurance Services
  • Kate Fairley
    Macedon Ranges Insurance
  • Matthew Bates
    Bell Partners Insurance
  • Michael Sims
  • Michael Stewart
    Stewart Insurance Group
  • Murray Johnson
    Phoenix Insurance Brokers
  • Nathan Mauriello
    Honan Insurance Group
  • Rebecca Mayak
    Macleay Insurance
  • Simon Gray
    Planned Cover
  • Taela Bloemers
    Status Insurance Brokers
  • Teighan Carr
    Honan Insurance Brokers
  • Timothy Ebbutt
    Honan Insurance Group
  • Zoe Evans
Best Insurance Brokers in Australia | Elite Brokers – Listing in order 
  • 1. Simon Gray
    Planned Cover
  • 2. Zoe Evans
  • 4. Teighan Carr
    Honan Insurance Brokers
  • 6. Dale Hansen
    Austbrokers Coast to Coast
  • 7. Austin Rosier
  • 8. Murray Johnson
    Phoenix Insurance Brokers
  • 9. (tie) Daniel Webber
    Webber Insurance Services
  • 9. (tie) Ben Van der Merwe
  • 12. Michael Stewart
    Stewart Insurance Group
  • 13. Nathan Mauriello
    Honan Insurance Group
  • 14. Timothy Ebbutt
    Honan Insurance Group
  • 15. (tie) Rebecca Mayak
    Macleay Insurance
  • 15. (tie) Taela Bloemers
    Status Insurance Brokers
  • 17. Kate Fairley
    Macedon Ranges Insurance
  • 19. Matthew Bates
    Bell Partners Insurance
  • 20. (tie) Michael Sims


As part of our editorial process, Key Media’s researchers interviewed the subject matter experts below for their independent analysis of this report and its findings.


To develop the annual list of Elite Brokers, Insurance Business uses an objective means of ranking the best-performing insurance brokers in Australia – not just those with the biggest portfolios or the largest number of clients. Each broker was required to send their own information along with details of a contact who could verify those figures. The criteria included the number of policies written, total revenue, revenue per policy, new clients, total new client revenue, and revenue per new client. Each broker was ranked in each of these measurements, and the sum of their rankings was calculated to determine their final placement on the list.

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