Audrey Bailey
GT Insurance

Audrey Bailey, Relationship & Development Manager

Audrey Bailey

Relationship & Development Manager
GT Insurance

 Level 3, 213 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
 07 3106 7721
 [email protected]
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Audrey has an expansive career in insurance including positions held nationally and internationally in broking, placement broking and underwriting. In her current role, she continues to enhance the way GT Insurance manages relationships with key stakeholders. In 2020, Audrey accomplished leading sales results nationwide. She says 'In this industry, relationships and product offering are above all else. I enjoy developing our delivery of service to suit our brokers and clients ever changing needs that are adapting to the current business climate. GT are limitless on how we engage with our clients and we love to see growth and expansion alongside with them.'

Since joining GT in 2018, Audrey has provided a committed professional influence and encouragement. She is currently spearheading GT's Diversity & Inclusion framework.  'We are excited to launch this in 2021. The framework will include long term development objectives for staff to participate in nationally.' She says 'I believe diversity is a clear representation of where a company is today in its growth of people and awareness. Diversity allows us to explore culture and wellness and represents a strong alliance between company and its people. I am fortunate to work for GT Insurance who is adaptable to change and passionate about growth and our culture.'

Audrey is part of Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HHTS) Working Group for Training and Education. HHTS are a not-for-profit foundation sponsored by GT Insurance and other transport industry partners.

An advocate for women in business, Audrey has been a committee member of Women in Insurance since 2018.

Participating in the 2021 NIBA Mentoring Program, Audrey held a mentor position to a young female broker mentee and encouraged self-leadership practices, personal branding, professional development, and networking skills. She says 'I think about my skills, achievements and the positive aspects of my working life, and identify those that I don't want to repeat. This helps me get a better sense of what I want to accomplish from my career. I look to provide this structure to mentees and be a support in their own professional journey.'

Audrey is a registered volunteer at Endometriosis Australia. Audrey says 'I am passionate about raising awareness for women that have infertility and/or endometriosis. Women in the workforce facing mental and physical challenges can often put professional commitment above their own wellbeing. It is important to me to be an advocate to raise awareness and make changes in the workplace.'