• Insuring the new generation of housing

    28 Aug 2018

    Strata insurance has traditionally been seen as a small niche in the Australian insurance industry, but it has burst into the mainstream in recent years

  • The next insurance model

    17 Jul 2018

    Industry experts say parametric insurance – a specialised form of insurance or reinsurance tied to a defined trigger – could be set to take off in the commercial sector

  • The cyber scandal

    29 May 2018

    The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal has brought renewed attention to concerns of data privacy and cybersecurity

  • The risk of a reputation

    13 Apr 2018

    A maelstrom of social media, high stakeholder expectations and public discontent is driving the frequency and severity of reputational crises – and the insurance industry itself is not exempt

  • The winds of change

    28 Feb 2018

    From next-generation underwriting to AI-driven automation, how will technology change the industry in the coming year?

  • In the driver’s seat

    21 Nov 2017

    The global pendulum is swinging towards data-led insurance solutions, and automotive telematics is leading the way

  • The shifting landscape

    22 Sep 2017

    Despite regular warnings that the end is nigh, it’s not all doom and gloom for brokers – a changing world is bringing about new markets and new opportunities