• The winds of change

    28 Feb 2018

    From next-generation underwriting to AI-driven automation, how will technology change the industry in the coming year?

  • In the driver’s seat

    21 Nov 2017

    The global pendulum is swinging towards data-led insurance solutions, and automotive telematics is leading the way

  • The shifting landscape

    22 Sep 2017

    Despite regular warnings that the end is nigh, it’s not all doom and gloom for brokers – a changing world is bringing about new markets and new opportunities

  • Environmental minefield

    27 Jul 2017

    An intricate nexus of regulations around the globe is making coverage for multinational corporations increasingly complex – and under the glare of public scrutiny, the stakes are higher than ever

  • Technology gone bad

    5 Jun 2017

    Never mind the challenge of innovating within the industry – technology is opening up new exposures across multiple sectors, and insurance needs to take note

  • The tech revolution?

    6 Apr 2017

    From mobile apps, to digital signatures, to social media content – the broker channel is embracing the technologies it once feared. But has it caught up with the pace?

  • Doing disasters better

    7 Jun 2016

    As natural catastrophes continue to make headlines across the country, what can the insurance industry and other interested parties do better when it comes to disasters?

  • Insurance drones have lift off

    7 Jun 2016

    In an Australian first, IAG recently used drones to assess bushfire-caused property damage. How significant are the benefits and what is the future for commercial drone use in and outside insurance?

  • Averting Tragedy

    7 Jun 2016

    How should the Australian insurance industry and the businesses it serves prepare for the potential impacts of climate change?

  • Protecting the harvest

    7 Jun 2016

    Underinsurance and non-insurance of agricultural crops remains a prevalent issue in rural Australia. What’s the solution?