Bupa's latest data highlights rising roadside assistance calls

Trends and tips unveiled amid growing vehicle numbers

Bupa's latest data highlights rising roadside assistance calls

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By Roxanne Libatique

Recent data from Bupa Car Insurance has revealed the leading causes for roadside assistance calls in Australia are primarily dead batteries, flat tyres, and engine malfunctions, with a notable mention of running out of fuel as a common issue.

Among the vehicles most frequently requiring roadside aid, the Toyota Corolla ranks highest, with the Holden Captiva, Toyota Camry, Mazda 3, and Nissan X-Trail also making the list.

This information emerges against the backdrop of increasing road traffic, exacerbated by school activities, the daily work commute, and weekend sporting events. According to a Roy Morgan research, there was a significant surge in the number of newly insured cars in 2023, with almost 2 million additional vehicles insured compared to the previous year.

Bupa general insurance general manager Shannon Orbons stressed the unpredictability of vehicle breakdowns, many of which he believes could be avoided with proper car maintenance.

“Car breakdowns can happen to anyone at any time, and many are often preventable, so it's important to ensure your car is road fit before you drive off,” he said.

How to stay safe on the road

Orbons urged drivers to perform routine checks on their vehicles, ensuring adequate fuel levels, tyre integrity, and the presence of vital fluids like oil and water.

“While roadside assistance can help you in times of need, it can be overwhelming having a breakdown on a busy road, while dropping the kids off to school or feeling like you are the cause of an unintended traffic jam,” he said.

Orbons said the pressures of the cost of living might influence the regularity of vehicle maintenance and servicing, potentially contributing to the rise in breakdowns. Nonetheless, he said that with comprehensive car insurance, which typically includes roadside assistance, drivers can enjoy a sense of security, knowing they are covered in case of unexpected vehicle issues.

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