Allianz dishes out health hacks for Australian rugby fans

Allianz dishes out health hacks for Australian rugby fans | Insurance Business

Allianz dishes out health hacks for Australian rugby fans

Allianz Partners has offered a list of travel hacks to Australians who are heading to Japan for the Rugby World Cup this month.

With thousands of Australian rugby fans visiting the Land of the Rising Sun for the major sporting event, Allianz Partners has reminded travellers of the importance of acquiring the right travel insurance to ensure they are protected in case of unexpected incidents.

“The reality is, everyone should consider obtaining travel insurance, especially if people need to use it when something goes wrong, like a medical emergency,” said Geoff Ramin, Allianz Global Assistance chief medical officer. “Costs for people that aren’t covered can be astronomical compared to the price of a travel insurance policy, which is why it is always worth making sure you are covered every time you travel.”

The global insurer said having the appropriate travel insurance will ensure Australians get the medical service they need in Japan, as “doctors and hospitals usually insist on payment up front, or absolute proof of capacity to pay, before they will treat a foreigner” – travel insurance will provide that guarantee.

Allianz Partners also advised Australian travellers to:

  • Bring an adequate supply of medication, as it may be difficult to obtain them in Japan;
  • Don’t drink and drive in Japan, where the legal limit is at only 0.03 bac and where potential fines and jail time are higher than in Australia;
  • Get required vaccines before they depart on their vacation; and
  • Remember emergency numbers, including 110 for police and 119 for fire and ambulance, as well as learning a few key words to ask for help, as the majority of dispatchers will not speak English.

“Travellers often have an expectation that people everywhere will at least speak some English, wherever they travel,” Ramin said. “That is far from true in Japan, and if you end up requiring healthcare, chances are your doctor or nurse won’t speak any English. Services like Allianz travel insurance can be of great benefit, as not only will they organise suitable medical care, but provide interpreters and translators when needed.”