Allianz launches new marketing approach

Allianz launches new marketing approach | Insurance Business

Allianz launches new marketing approach
Allianz Australia has dropped its successful longtime 'Ahhh...llianz' tagline in favour of a new brand campaign that focuses not just on being insured, but being inspired, AdNews reported.

The launch of the new ad campaign aimed at marking the big shift for the brand and the insurance category as a whole, the report said.

Sascha Hunt, Allianz group marketing manager, said: “We saw an opportunity to be different in a category that’s typically focused on the negative consequences. For us, it’s not about creating warnings around the bad that could occur. Instead we want to inspire the freedom that comes from being insured.”

From the humorous advertising it employed for years, the German insurer is now taking a more emotional approach to its advertising in 2017, with the campaign set to Hilltop Hoods' hit track 'Chase that Feeling,' the report said.

Kylie Jones, head of creative services, brand and media at Allianz Australia, said: “The message and feeling of this campaign is very positive. It has been made to motivate Australians to get out there and live their lives, knowing that Allianz has got their backs."

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