ASIC releases Wye River bushfire report

ASIC releases Wye River bushfire report | Insurance Business

ASIC  releases Wye River bushfire report
ASIC has released its interim report on the handling of several claims related to bushfires that tore through Wye River, Victoria, last year.

The bushfire, known as Black Christmas, destroyed 116 houses along the Great Ocean Road in 2015 and the ASIC report dealt with seven home building claims handled by AAMI.

The regulator confirmed that the investigation will continue in its interim report released around the anniversary of the blaze with homeowners still awaiting payouts one year on.

“I have suffered more serious trauma from AAMI than the fires,” one woman who lives in Wye River told The Geelong Advertiser.

Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson raised concerns in federal Parliament about AAMI’s conduct towards its complete replacement cover policyholders that were impacted by the fires, the report continues.

“AAMI promised it would do its best to settle all claims by the end of November,” Henderson said.

She added that it is “disgraceful” that, a year after the traumatic event, claims are still unresolved.

With heatwave conditions across the east coast of Australia, bushfire risk is currently high.

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