Association strengthens offering to stand out from crowd

Association strengthens offering to stand out from crowd | Insurance Business

Association strengthens offering to stand out from crowd

The National Insurance Brokers Association has strengthened it technical offering for members at this year’s radically overhauled convention in Melbourne.

The two-day convention, cut down from 3.5 days, has a range of technical and continued professional development (CPD) workshops, which it hopes will be a draw for brokers.

“The reality is there are around 10 broker conferences in Australia each year. The other ones tend to focus on commercial operations of cluster group members,” NIBA CEO, Dallas Booth, told Insurance Business. “NIBA’s strength is the relationship it has with NIBA, fostering young professionals and continued professional development (CPD). Our niche is offering technical and competency skills and knowledge, and tackling issues that affect the whole industry.”

Booth conceded that deciding the annual convention programme had been problematic.

“I’ll admit that the conference programme is a challenge. I have personally struggled with what is the most appropriate conference programme to offer as part of the NIBA convention.”

This year’s programme is the result of the inspiration of the Victoria Divisional Committee, which focussed heavily on the technical.

Top insurance bosses are expected to attend the National Insurance Broker’s Association convention, providing brokers with crucial face time. NIBA implored underwriters at the trade show to ensure senior members of the business on the floor.

“We will make the expo available to anybody who wants to come along, free of charge. It may even be chance for brokers to conduct business, something not all have had the chance to do.

 “My goal is to make the convention as useful and informative as possible and therefore make it is attractive to members. I hope it is.”

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