Aussie insurer Club Marine expands key cover

Aussie insurer Club Marine expands key cover | Insurance Business

Aussie insurer Club Marine expands key cover
Club Marine Australia has announced an update to one of its policies to provide added protection for consumers.

The personal water craft (PWC) policy now includes a new for old replacement following a total loss within the first two years of registration,
comprehensive water ingress cover, water-skier cover and genuine parts.

CEO of Club Marine, Simon McLean, said that the changes to an already successful coverage show the commitment of the business to further improving offerings for the benefits of clients.

“We’re committed to the continual improvement of our products and to ensuring our members can enjoy their time on the water knowing they’re protected by the best insurance products available,” McLean said.

“We’re excited to offer this great new insurance product to our PWC customers and believe it’s the ideal policy for owners looking for a reliable, quality product at a competitive price.

McLean said that the product now sits at the top of the pack in terms of PWC cover available in Australia thanks to the update.

“As Australia’s largest recreational boat insurance specialist with more than 45 years’ experience, we have consulted with an extensive network of industry experts and believe we now have the best PWC product on the market.

McLean singled out the addition of automatic cover for water-skiers as a particular highlight of the policy updates as it allows peace of mind for customers.

“Our members just want to have a great time aboard their ski and, with our new PWC cover, they can rest assured that should something go wrong, they’re backed by Australia’s market leader and we’ll do all we can to ensure every trip is an enjoyable one.”