Aussie insurer IAG reveals major rebrand

Aussie insurer IAG reveals major rebrand

Aussie insurer IAG reveals major rebrand   IAG has revealed a major rebranding as the company looks to differentiate itself from the competition.

The rebrand will see the company remove ‘Insurance Australia Group’ from its logo and ditch the blue colours of old for purple as the name will also change from upper to lowercase. 

A spokesperson for IAG told Insurance Business that the new brand is an important next step for the business as it looks to build its digital presence.

“The new brand signals the next phase in the IAG journey and better reflects the Group’s regional presence,” the spokesperson said.

“From a brand perspective - given the digitised environment that we operate in it was also important that IAG has a brand identity that can be flexible and adaptable for a range of marketing channels and mediums.”

Incoming IAG managing director and CEO, Peter Harmer, said that the new logo and colours will help the company strengthen its presence overseas whilst setting the company apart from its competitors.

“While Australia is our largest market, our organisation has a significant presence in New Zealand and an increasing presence in key Asian markets so it’s important this is reflected in our brand,” Harmer said.

“Brand recognition plays an integral role in telling the IAG story, so our visual identity must be distinctive, modern and engaging, reflecting our future aspirations and supporting our plans to engage with a broader set of stakeholders.
“We also want to strengthen the link between IAG and its customer brands to differentiate us from our competitors. Our research shows customers value knowing who stands behind the insurance brands they choose, particularly the financial security, strength and scale that comes from being backed by IAG.”
Chris Jackson, IAG Group general manger customer and brand, said that the new branding reflects the importance IAG places on customer interaction.
IAG is increasingly playing an integral role in the community, not just with shareholders, so it was important that IAG’s new brand identity created a sense of warmth and approachability.”
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  • Neil 13/11/2015 10:00:45 AM
    Changing the outside doesn't mean anything unless it is reflective of the changes made on the inside. People see past slick videos and want substance.

    This brand is odd to me. The purple as a colour will date, the g looks really weird and the lower case does leave me with a feeling of strength, but timidity. It is unmemorable and will get lost in a sea of trend-seeking brands.

    Having said that, in the end... to quote Batman, "it's what I do that defines me".
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  • Phil 13/11/2015 11:39:29 AM
    Agree- why corporations continue to go down the purple path is beyond me. One insurer introduced it well over 10 years ago now and it has been done to death. The font is all wrong. It displays a rather weak looking image where perhaps only people within IAG can see any thing fresh, strong and new as it is missing these elements to the audience that counts. If it was a logo change for one of the subsidiaries they might just get away with it but the holding company over the group needs a bold and strong look and the new logo does not achieve this. Hate to think how much money was spent getting something my 12 year old granddaughter could have come up with. Sorry, but totally unimpressed.
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  • Lindsay 13/11/2015 3:32:01 PM
    Can see the next natural progression with the purple colours to be dumping sponsorship of West Coast (SGIO) & Magpies (CGU) in favour of Freo Dockers :-)
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