Aussie state to create permanent disaster recovery agency

Aussie state to create permanent disaster recovery agency | Insurance Business

Aussie state to create permanent disaster recovery agency
The Queensland government is to set up Australia’s first permanent disaster recovery agency in a bid to help the clean-up efforts of future natural disasters.

According to reports in The Guardian, the Sunshine State will dole out $30 million to create a permanent arm of government to deal with the aftermath of disasters that strike throughout the state.

The Queensland Recovery Authority was temporarily set-up in the aftermath of the catastrophic Brisbane floods in 2011 and was due to wind up in June.

However, the agency is currently dealing with the aftermath of 14 natural disasters that have hit Queensland since 2013 and the state government will aim to make the authourity a permanent fixture with new laws before parliament this week.

Deputy premier Jackie Trad noted that Queensland will have to deal with more natural disasters with increased severity, which has been “made clear by key scientists in the field of climate science,” according to The Guardian report.

“It is unfortunately a feature of living in Queensland that we do attract natural disaster and unfortunately they are becoming far more extreme.”

Trad also called on the Commonwealth government, who is reviewing its funding into the Natural Disaster Relief and recovery Arrangements (NDRRA), to support the state in the wake of disasters.

“I do want to make it clear that Queensland unfortunately is that state that bears the brunt of most of the natural disasters that beset Australia and we are not going to be diddled when it comes to the NDRRA arrangements,” Trad said.

“We know that it’s a problem in terms of the budget but we cannot leave communities stranded after a natural disaster.

“We have got to respond and the government has got to be there to help rebuild and that includes the commonwealth government.”
  • md 2015-03-24 10:41:45 PM
    we need to have more people insuring, the government needs to make your personal house / contents insurance tax deductable, this will help the drain on government money in a disaster, the insurers will have more money, the premiums we be kept reasonable. Secondly in a disaster people who choose not to insure should not get 100% of their loss, this encourages people not to insure.
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  • Robert Cooper 2015-03-25 3:31:56 AM
    We also need to make sure our clients are not underinsured. There is not much incentive to increase sums insured when it adds so much more expense to a business bottom line. It would assist if State Governments took the Stamp Duty off all insurance. Why add additional costs to consumers when you are trying to encourage them to protect themselves more adequately?
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  • Les 2015-03-25 6:39:19 AM
    Well done new Queensland Government. Visionary and Strategic and a must for Queensland into the future. Climate change (even without said human intervention) is happening as it has in the past and Queensland is highly exposed to natures events and will continue to be so. Ostrichentitus is a fools disease. Congratulations !
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