Authorised representatives to present industry insights to insurers

Authorised representatives to present industry insights to insurers | Insurance Business

Authorised representatives to present industry insights to insurers
Two leading authorised representatives will give their views, experiences and perspectives on the insurance industry and the challenges facing ARs in a series of presentations announced by Resilium.

The presentations will be given by award-winning advisers Kate Greaves and Katrina Goldsworthy from Brisbane-based Goldsworthy Investments.

“Our ultimate aim is to provide an insight into the daily operations of an insurance adviser,” said Greaves.

As one of the most successful Resilium practices across the country, the mother-and-daughter duo will share their experiences of building a family-owned business into a respected and trusted organisation.

“By having a better understanding of how our businesses work, key Resilium and Suncorp support staff can help advisers continue to provide tailored, expert advice and customer service,” Greaves said of the sessions.

Managing Director of Resilium, Gerard McDermott, said it was crucial for all staff who work with advisers to have a strong understanding of their needs and what makes their businesses unique.

“By having a strong relationship with our advisers based on empathy and awareness, we can identify where things are going well and where we can do better. This is particularly helpful in an area such as claims management and ultimately means that customers are provided with a greater level of service.”

The first session to staff from Resilium and Suncorp Commercial Claims, Commercial Portfolio and Underwriting and Distribution teams will take place in Brisbane on 6 February with over events around Australia to be announced later.