BREAKING NEWS: Landmark broker education deal announced

BREAKING NEWS: Landmark broker education deal announced

BREAKING NEWS: Landmark broker education deal announced NIBA and ANZIIF have announced an historic partnership on the delivery of broker education.

The collaboration will see ANZIIF become the preferred supplier of broker education with immediate effect as the agreement coincides with the launch of the ANZIIF Skills Units, a major reform of industry education set for release next year.

NIBA CEO, Dallas Booth, said that the landmark deal represents the best opportunity for the improvement of broker education as the partnership will provide great dividends moving forward.

“We have a long relationship with ANZIIF and we are looking forward to working together to ensure Australian brokers have access to representation and world-class education,” Booth said.

“This partnership will facilitate this and we have full confidence that it will deliver positive outcomes for individual brokers and, ultimately, for their businesses and clients.”

Prue Willsford, CEO of ANZIIF, noted that the collaboration has been worked on for some time as both industry bodies sought ways to improve broker education.

“This collaboration is industry-led and has been in development for many months,” Willsford said.

“As not-for-profit education providers, our reason for being is the success and health of the insurance industry and the brokers and brokerages within it. We are pleased that we – NIBA, ANZIIF and industry – are able to work so effectively together on what we are confident will provide brokers the best possible education and training.”

The ANZIIF Skills Units have been developed with industry and are designed to mimic real-life work scenarios to support brokers as courses will be shorter and more concentrated to allow brokers to upskill quickly.

Willsford continued that the agreement is the next step in the relationship between both bodies.

ANZIIF and NIBA already work together in a number of areas. This education partnership is a natural extension and one that reflects our strong desire for collaboration to support insurance businesses and professionals.”

Booth stressed that high standards of education remain paramounts to the industry, with the new educational offering designed to support brokers both now and in the future.

“Quality education and training will remain the foundation on which professionalism in insurance broking is built.

“NIBA and ANZIIF will work closely to ensure education meets the needs of today’s brokers, while also preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead.”

NIBA will continue to promote and award its Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB) designation and will retain its member services and lobbying and representation responsibilities as ANZIIF continues its education, membership and community projects.

NIBA College will take no more enrolments into its qualification, training and CPD programs and existing students will have until September 1 2016 to complete their studies. From this date, NIBA students will transition to ANZIIF’s education programs.
  • Just an Observer 18/11/2015 4:44:17 PM
    Well well!! At long last some sense on this issue. Only disappointing thing is that it has taken so long to happen. I recall making this suggestion way back in 2006. But of course at the time with the egos of Noel P and Joan F there was no way they would consider what was best for the industry as opposed to their own egos. I think the industry owes Martin McAvenna a vote of thanks for raising this issue after he retired.
    Only hope that ANZIIF don't take this as permission to price gauge the industry to justify employing yet another 40 or 50 staff on high salaries to deliver poor results!
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  • Val Phinn 22/11/2015 4:04:34 PM
    I find it extraordinary that an association body would align itself to one education provider. Imagine the AMA aligning itself to one university. Industries and association bodies across Australia have been using a broad range of private education providers successfully for years. As one of these education providers and an ex QPIB I cannot understand why the broking industry still hasn't moved forward in their thinking and actively encouraged competition in the provision of education. At the end of the day you can dress it up all you like, but the training framework is still the same. It is NIBA and ANZIIF who over the past 10 plus who have been consulted with to develop training framework - they have to take responsibility. One has to ask would this alliance have occurred if there was not competition in the market place. The industry needs to also consider the implications this may have on any amendments made to the Corporations Act and the overall long term costs to SME brokers. As a private education provider we urge the industry to take care. Look at the Loss Adjusting sector and the costs associated with a Diploma because there is no competition.
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  • old duck 24/11/2015 10:03:50 AM
    I fail to see how reducing competition can be seen as a 'win' for the industry. As Val says, ANZIIF and NIBA don't decide on what the competencies for insurance should be - that is the role of a shadowy organisation called IBSA.

    This just gives ANZIIF another reason to push up its costs yet again - which are already sky high.
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