Broker advocate to link up with cluster group; in talks with retailers

Broker advocate to link up with cluster group; in talks with retailers | Insurance Business

Broker advocate to link up with cluster group; in talks with retailers
Broker champion Kate Fairley is close to finalising a deal with a well-known broker network that is to sign all its members up to Get Informed.

The group, which Insurance Business cannot yet name, will be the first network to join the site, although Fairley is hopeful more will follow.

However, Insurance Business can also reveal that Fairley, who launched consumer-facing broker website Get Informed last year, is in talks with a host of well-known retailers, with a view to helping the brands providing consumers with free impartial insurance advice at the point of sale of valuable items.

Fairley is speaking to a number of significant brands including jewellers and camera shops that are said to be extremely interested.

“The concept is to provide consumers with information about their insurance needs when they have just bought something,” she explained, “rather than waiting until claim time and finding out they are not as insured as they thought they were for a $3,000 engagement ring. I am trying to partner with retail outlets to distribute information to help consumers be better informed.

“The companies I have spoken to are very excited. They understand that there is a lot of confusing about insurance among the general population. They are happy there is someone out there trying to provide this information to people.”

Fairley said it is logical that if flight companies highlight insurance needs at the point of sale of a flight, retailers selling valuable items, should too.

“Rather than promoting a product, the retailer is providing free information for their customers with no additional pressure,” she added.

However, it advantages retailers too: “If the retailer has an insurance replacement service it promotes that feature,” Fairley said. “It lets the customer know that if they have a problem with the item, they can come back to the store and deal with their insurance company, through that store.”

Coming into 2014, Fairley’s main priority is building the profile of Get Informed but she said she would continue with her crusade to help bushfire victims if and when necessary, not limiting the campaign to NSW. And last year’s campaign is still making an impact in NSW.

“I’m still in contact with the Salvation Army Disaster Recovery Team and they continue to distribute the leaflet: ‘The fire’s out…what happens next’.

“When something like this happens again, I will be ready to go. I will go where I’m needed. The biggest lesson learnt is that brokers should get involved in their local communities in those situations.”