Broker BizCover announces online industry first

Broker BizCover announces online industry first | Insurance Business

Broker BizCover announces online industry first
BizCover has announced an industry first online solution designed to help Chinese-speaking business owners organise business insurance.

The brokerage has unveiled a Chinese language version of its website and is believed to be the first Australian business insurance site to do so.

With close to 500,000 Australian residents Chinese born nationals with a further 1,500 Chinese nationals moving to Australia each month, Michael Gottlieb, managing director of BizCover, told Insurance Business that brokers need to stay mindful of language barriers.

“In our business we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience,” Gottlieb said.

“This website will do exactly that for our Chinese customers. At BizCover all our actions start from a point of being Customer Obsessed.

“There is certainly a fast growing community to whom we feel we can provide a terrific insurance experience, one that is substantially better than what they currently receive.”

Gottlieb revealed that the project has been “exhilarating” as the site has gone from concept to live in three months and follows a number of customer requests.

“We were receiving a number of calls from Chinese speaking customers who could navigate the quote process but struggled with the nuances of some of the questions,” Gottlieb continued.

“We are all about making it simpler for our clients and we thought a Chinese Language insurance website would be the first step in assisting this community.”

In the future, Gottlieb said that BizCover will look to launch similar websites in different languages.

“We are hopeful that the Chinese site will be a success.

“For now we have June to focus on but towards the end of the year I would expect us to launch another language site.

“At this stage there is no decision yet on which language this will be,” Gottlieb conctinued.