Broker feedback leads to major ad campaign

Broker feedback leads to major ad campaign | Insurance Business

Broker feedback leads to major ad campaign
Vero has announced that it will launch a new multi-media advertising campaign in response to feedback from Australian brokers.

The insurer has announced the adverts which will run online, in print, on radio and at billboards in Sydney airport and will focus on the stories of real small businesses and their successes.

In a statement, the company noted that the planned six week ad campaign which was launched on Monday, was directly linked to broker feedback.

“In response to recent feedback from both brokers and customers, Vero has developed a new multi-media advertising campaign.

“Real life SMEs and their personal success stories are the centrepiece of the new campaign that sings the praises of SME business owners and Vero’s role in protecting their success.”

The insurer will use the story of a chef from Coffs Harbour who rates his success on sharing his passion for food with the community and a dentist and business owner who measures success by the happiness of people around him.