Broker targeted by charlatan insurance intermediary

Broker targeted by charlatan insurance intermediary | Insurance Business

Broker targeted by charlatan insurance intermediary
A NSW broker has made a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading after an overseas telemarketing company impersonating his businesses contacted private individuals.

Orion Insurance Services received a complaint from an individual that the company had called him. The unknown telemarketer called from a blocked number, pretending to be Orion, and hung up as soon as the recipient said he is on the Australian Communications and Media Authority Do Not Call Register.

Robert Fleming, managing director of Orion Insurance Services, told Insurance Business Orion does not engage with telemarketers and only works with businesses. He has made a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading, which passed it on to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which is now investigating it.  Meanwhile, Fleming has posted warnings on social media about the imposters.

He said the brokerage does not deal with telemarketers or private individuals. He spoke of his frustration that the intellectual property rights of his name have been used to further the aims of an unknown entity.

“The question is how long has this been going on. I don’t know if it’s a one-off or has been going for a while. I’ve only had one phone call so maybe it’s a one-off and won’t be repeated.

“It’s a little bit concerning. It sounds like it was an overseas company as the number is blocked and they hung up as soon as he said he is on the do-not-call register. I don’t think my business partners and clients will get such a call.

“The person that was targeted was a private individual. The people I deal with know I only deal with business insurance and I deal with particular subsets – professional indemnity and liability, which would not require me to call them.”
  • Mark Beard 2014-08-21 5:37:31 AM
    My elderly mother-in-law received two unsolicited calls from a telemarketer in the last few days saying they represent Orion Insurance. The first time they called she stated that she was on a Do Not Call (DNC) Register but they went on to ask what was her DNC reference number. They called again even after her advise.
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  • Karyn Lenson 2014-08-27 1:55:27 AM
    I have had 2 calls this week from "Orion Insurance" about funeral insurance. It's a private number and sounds like it's overseas. They ask for Mrs Lenson and hang up if I mention the do not call register.
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  • Robert Fleming 2014-10-03 2:25:26 AM
    I am the owner of Orion Insurance. As I made reference too in the piece above, this is not me, I have not authorised any telemarketers. They have stolen my company name. I have tried to pursue it further with NSW Fair Trading but have come up against a brick wall as I don't have any information on the company who are making the calls. I am sorry for anyone's inconvenience, but please know that Orion Insurance do not use telemarketers.
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