Brokers bemoan media treatment of industry

Brokers bemoan media treatment of industry

Brokers bemoan media treatment of industry

Insurance Business’ latest online poll asked: Are insurance brokers treated fairly by the mainstream media? The results reveal the depth of concern in how brokers are portrayed…

Overwhelmingly brokers feel that are getting a rough deal from the mainstream media, with 87% voting ‘No’ to our poll question.

This unfair treatment is likely to have a deeply detrimental effect to the broking channel considering the reach and influence of the mainstream media. 

Brokers are now tasked with proactively repairing their mainstream media reputation, perhaps by directly contacting such outlets to spread the good work of brokers. 

However, the problem will come in convincing a media that when it chooses to cover insurance, is almost exclusively seeking a negative angle. 

What do you think the solution is? Comment below?  


  • Gary Everdell 7/12/2012 11:40:16 AM
    Its obvious that the "good" purpose of ensuring adequate coverage and outcomes need to be placed by the Industry (?NIBA) within news/media outlets.
    Unfortunately the need for client privacy/discretion by a Broker will most times preclude the postive outcomes specifically.
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  • Paul Murphy 7/12/2012 11:49:47 AM
    NIBA proposed a levy on brokers several years ago but the larger broking houses vetoed the idea as they have their own publishing venues and outlets. Unless NIBA steps up and does PR for the broking industry things won't improve. The ICA is well funded and generally on the front foot in the PR war. We as an industry are assaulted by the direct writers and need to do much more to tell the public of the excellent job we do for SME clients.
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  • Robert Cooper 7/12/2012 5:40:32 PM
    Totally agree. We are unfairly maligned thanks to the odd "Cowboy" Broker out there. But now they have largely disappeared and apart from the odd poor story like Craig Horsell or Wickett, we have largely a fantastic industry we can be proud of.
    The media should be appreciating this much more.
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