Brokers’ reputation improves but planners doing better

Brokers’ reputation improves but planners doing better | Insurance Business

Brokers’ reputation improves but planners doing better
Insurance brokers are deemed more ethical and honest than they were last year, but not as highly regarded as lawyers and financial planners, according to new research.

Roy Morgan asked 644 Australians to rate the honesty and ethic of 30 professions. The most highly regarded profession, and at number one, are nurses, with 91% of respondents rating them ‘very high’ or ‘high’.

At number 30 - and the least regarded industry - are car salesmen, with just 3% of respondents backing them. However, brokers have moved up three places compared to last year.

Insurance brokers ranked at 22, with 16%, behind financial planners at 17, with 28%. Accountants and bank managers, meanwhile, placed at 11 and 12 respectively.

However, brokers bested state MPs (25), federal MPs (26) and union leaders (27).

The top five most regarded professions, in order, are nurses, pharmacists, doctors, high court judges and dentists.

The biggest fall from grace came in the form of ministers of religion which lost seven places to occupy a rank of 14, due to the scandals that have hit the Catholic Church over the past 12 months.

“Other big losers included business executives (18%, down 4%) and Union Leaders (12%, down 3%) following much recent publicity around the conviction of former Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson on charges of corruption and the recently commenced Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption which is set to hear allegations concerning corrupt union practices for the remainder of 2014.”
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