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A new standalone rental car excess insurer has entered the market, joining a handful of players in a growing category.

According to, Australians are unknowingly are getting ripped off by major car hire companies and are kept in the dark when it comes to hire car costs, including surprise costs for extras such as child seats, sat nav systems, drop-off price hikes for late fees, and refuelling charges.

Natalie Ball, director of, said: “Charging unsuspecting customers extortionate fees to reduce their excess is a very lucrative source of income for car rental firms. What may seem like an attractive rate when making a booking is often doubled once those additional charges are applied at the pick-up counter. But by far the largest cause for this price surge is the excess reduction fees.”

“We know that the insurance is perhaps the most confusing, misunderstood, and fun-destroying aspect of hiring a car for Australians.  We aim to deliver simple products that address the affordability issues and include product features that protect consumers when bad luck strikes.”

To attract consumers and compete with major car excess insurers, markets itself with fun sheep puns and a sheep named Baaaaney.

“Whilst we take insurance and consumer needs seriously, our branding is designed to be memorable. It demonstrates that we’re prepared to stand out from the crowd. Our marketing team has certainly had some fun with the sheep puns,” said Ball.   

Ball said that compared to most options offered by rental companies, offers a more comprehensive product: “Our message is simple. Don’t get fleeced by the rental car companies.” cited a report by research company Ibisworld which states that as of March 2016, rental car companies will have generated $835 million within the financial year, much of which profit will come from overpriced insurance policies.

With car rental excess insurance market in Australia predicted to be worth $38 million, or 10 per cent, of the car rental market in 2020, is determined to compete against the dominant insurance players.

Ball concluded: “Our product dares to compete with an industry who have been reaping the rewards and dominating the market for decades.” 

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