CBA boss talks about CommInsure scandal in parliamentary inquiry

CBA boss talks about CommInsure scandal in parliamentary inquiry

CBA boss talks about CommInsure scandal in parliamentary inquiry Ian Narev, CEO of the Commonwealth Bank, has conceded that his company’s life insurance arm CommInsure has wronged some of its customers; said no one has been terminated over the insurance scandals, it has been reported.

Narev was the first of four big banks chiefs to address the House of Representatives economics committee's banking review, set up as an alternative to a royal commission into the banking industry.

Aside from CBA, Westpac, ANZ Bank, and the National Australia Bank will be questioned by the parliamentary committee about consumer rip offs, dodgy financial planning advice, and other unethical behaviour within the banking system, SBS said.

Narev apologised to customers who have been victimised by CommInsure and the bank’s bad behaviour, saying: “I have personally met with customers whom we have let down. I’ve done so in order to understand their experiences first hand. I’ve said before how sorry I am for the pain that we’ve caused them. I say so again today,” SBS reported.

The CBA chief said he expects more cases of poor customer outcomes, as well as more announcements regarding compensation to those affected. So far, the bank has paid out $52 million in compensation.

"As we do this work, I expect there will be cases of more poor customer outcomes and there will undoubtedly be more announcements regarding compensation due to customers, which will include some significant monetary amounts given the scale of our business and the length of time we will go back to make things right. Critics will paint these as signs of ongoing problems. Actually, they're signs of how serious we are about fairness."

Narev said CBA is currently implementing a comprehensive internal review to look into the widespread financial misconduct of its financial planners and into the allegations against CommInsure, SBS reported.

Narev has also confirmed during the inquiry that no CBA staff has been terminated for rejecting insurance claims from terminally people or for refusing to pay out life insurance, Mercury reported.

“There are certainly individuals where we know enough about them that they’ve had some consequences related to remuneration but at this stage we have not had individuals terminated because of this because we’ve not seen the need to do that,” he said.

The bank’s independent committees will decide on the appropriate disciplinary action after the review is completed.  

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  • Annette 7/10/2016 5:01:40 PM
    How do we make contact with Commonwealth Bank CEO to air our grievences about our treatment with Comminsure. He says he is sorry, sorry normally means you make amends. He says he meets with the concerned customers, when where and how?
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  • Unhappy Camper 1/12/2016 5:46:22 AM
    Nothing's changed.Im currently in the process of making a trauma claim.I have stage 4 cancer and they are doing everything they can to stall the claim.They have given misinformation and been misleading.I have had to give control of the claim to a third party as I can't deal with it.Now he is been given incorrect documents,poor communication and they are now stalling to pay and trying to question the doctors reports.
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