Clients from hell revealed

Clients from hell revealed | Insurance Business

Clients from hell revealed

A website that allows people to vent their frustrations about their clients has highlighted just how difficult being a broker can be but remember – you’re not alone. These people have also come across challenging customers.

An unreasonable demand

Client: I was thinking: Could we get gold staples for the program?

I check with the printer.

Me: No, sorry, it’s not going to be possible. They can only do silver staples.

Client: Oh, that’s alright. What do you think about slipping some wax paper under each staple and colouring them gold?

Me: For 400 programs?

Client: Yeah.

Me: For tomorrow?

Client: Yeah.

Me: Will I be getting paid for the time?

Client: No, of course not - that’s only, like, a hundred staples.


A bizarre request

"There are too many colours in this presentation. Men can only understand things when they have less than three colours. Take out some of the colour and it will be fine."


Oblivious to the obvious

A client forwarded me an email regarding one of his online accounts:

The subject: Fwd: Re: Credit Card Expiration - Please update your information.

The content: In big, bold, red letters – “CREDIT CARD EXPIRATION NOTICE”

Client: What does this mean?


Payment problems

Client: I want to pay by credit card

Me: No worries! I process credit card payments through Paypal, so can accept Visa or Mastercard

Client: Excellent, here my Amex number…


More payment problems

"I pay people after the due date all the time, but I’ve never heard this ‘late fee’ thing. I recommend you don’t add that for the sake of repeat business with us."

A client who hasn’t paid me for over five months, refuses to answer my calls, emails, and letters, and only had the opportunity to say that because I called him from a number he didn’t recognise.