Cluster group to join major broker network

Cluster group to join major broker network | Insurance Business

Cluster group to join major broker network
Steadfast has announced that it will add the members of Insight Australia Group, a cluster group of brokers and ARs, to its broker network.

The move will see Insight, which was founded in 1991 and now generates over $250 million of annual gross written premium, join the broker network as it looks to continue its growth across Australia.

David Hosking, chairman of Insight, said that the Group is delighted to join the Steadfast network and will use the platform to boost its offering.

“We are delighted to join the Steadfast Group and benefit from their scale and strength as the largest general insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand,” Hosking said.

“As one of the broker members of Insight, I look forward to taking advantage of the services Steadfast has to offer.”

Managing director and CEO of Steadfast, Robert Kelly, welcomed the addition of Insight and stressed that Insight members will be able to take advantage of the full range of Steadfast support.

“We welcome Insight into the Steadfast Network and encourage their members to take advantage of our broker services, product offerings and support services,” Kelly said.

“Greater access to our strategic partners and their offerings will also be a priority.

“We look forward to working with CEO David McKinnis to bring further growth opportunities to Insight and in turn Steadfast.”

Insight is made up of approximately 40 independently owned members and has a strong presence in regional Australia.