Comment of the Week goes to…

Comment of the Week goes to… | Insurance Business

Comment of the Week goes to…
After spending weeks gathering support for her campaign to help policyholders affected by the recent NSW bushfires, Kate Fairley and a team of brokers last week went to meet with victims.

Chronicling her experience in Insurance Business, she found that some members of the insurance industry were critical of her plan, while policyholders were full of praise.

Over five days Fairley and the brokers spoke with more than 50 residents and connected 10 bushfire victims for ongoing assistance – people who didn’t have insurance but requested a contact for when the recover, people who did have insurance who needed a helping hand, people who were happy with their claim but wanted a better product for next time.

Despite the scepticism Fairley encountered from some members of the industry, Insurance Business readers were full of praise and spoke of how valuable it would be if the industry collaborated on such an initiative. One such reader was Gary Everdell, who is the week’s winner.

He said: “So what does this tell us? Assume (makes an ass out of u and me). Kate has shown that whilst she and her helpers may not have ‘changed the world’ that was not their aim.
Imagine if our industry (NIBA) provided via members this service each time a disaster occurred somewhere in this vast country!!
Plus get the [...] media - how much easier our overall message would be to promote the use of a broker!!
Great work Kate and others.
PS- No vested interests or relationship - just support for someone helping our Industry!”

Thank you to all our readers who provided comments this week.