Complaint numbers drop for workers comp insurer

Complaint numbers drop for workers comp insurer | Insurance Business Australia

Complaint numbers drop for workers comp insurer
GIO Workers Compensation has seen a “significant decline” in inquiries and complaints since introducing more active communications claims advisors, saying an increased focus on speaking directly to stakeholders to explain the claims process can produce better outcomes and reduce complaints from claimants.

In 2013, GIO Workers Compensation changed its processes to increase the amount of active communication claims advisors were having with injured workers.

This contributed to a significant decline in the number of times inquires or complaints were being lodged with the NSW Claims Advisory Service regarding claims managed by GIO Workers Compensation.

Paul Smeaton, executive general manager statutory claims with Suncorp Commercial Insurance said: “The six months from January to June 2013 saw a 50% drop in the number of times the Claims Advisory Service was being contacted in relation to GIO managed claims. The subsequent six months from July to December 2013 saw a further drop of 23%.

“The experience of GIO Workers Compensation is that regularly talking to injured workers so they know what’s going on, results in better outcomes for everyone.”

Smeaton said that when an injured worker has a claim, they are usually unfamiliar with the process and the regulations that guide the way the claim is managed.

 “It’s important that personal injury claims advisors are regularly picking up the phone to discuss what’s happening with the claim and why,” he explained. “By setting expectations ahead of time and providing context around decisions that are being made as the claim progresses, injured workers are better prepared and able to respond positively.”