CSC, 360Globalnet to offer self-serve digital claims tech

A new tech partnership unveiled for the first time in Australia and NZ is set to revolutionise customers’ claims experiences

CSC, 360Globalnet to offer self-serve digital claims tech

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By Mina Martin

CSC, a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services, has unveiled 360Globalnet’s self-serve digital insurance claims technology for the first time in Australia and New Zealand.

The advanced digital cloud-based claims solutions, offered in partnership with UK-based digital insurance solutions provider 360Globalnet, will enable customers to easily manage the end-to-end claims process via the internet.

Michael Neary, head of insurance, CSC Australia and New Zealand, said: “The capabilities… will redefine the customer experience in claims management. Our collaboration with 360Globalnet will put customers in control of their own claims using smart features such as streaming video, data analytics, and fraud detection – all designed with a view of improving customer experience and satisfaction.”

Back in March, CSC and 360Globalnet signed an agreement, which included a strategic investment by CSC in 360Globalnet, granted CSC exclusive worldwide rights to resell all 360Globalnet offerings to the insurance industry, including the digital claims solution.

CSC will also provide systems integration services for 360Globalnet’s self-serve digital claims technology, which delivers “unique and complementary capabilities” in self-service, intelligent systems, smart mobile devices, live-streaming video, data analytics, and fraud detection. 
Paul Stanley, CEO, 360Globalnet, said: “What if everyone involved in the settlement of a claim, from the first notice of loss to repair, had all the real-time data they needed in front of them – text, images, and video – moments after it occurred? Seamless, real-time visibility across the claims process is a winning proposition for insurers that can be implemented with low up-front costs, minimal disruption to existing software, and short implementation times.”

Other as-as services that will be offered through the new agreement include cloud-hosted web services that enable policyholders to report and manage claims online; a video platform facilitating the capture, secure hosting, and dissemination of videos and images; live video streaming services; and a data analytics package.

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