Digital experience impact Aussie businesses, SAP study

Digital experience impact Aussie businesses, SAP study | Insurance Business

Digital experience impact Aussie businesses, SAP study
Many Aussie brands have improved their digital performance over the last year, but a sizeable gap remains between the experiences many brands deliver and what Aussie consumers expect, according to a new report by global enterprise software giant SAP.

SAP’s Australian Digital Experience Report 2016, which is based on a survey of 3,500 Aussies who rated some 9,000 interactions against 14 digital experience attributes − including ‘safe and secure,’ ‘cohesive, integrated, and simple,’ and ‘available anytime on my terms’ − reveal the lacklustre performance of many Aussie companies when it comes to digital performance.

The study reveal that consumers unsatisfied with their digital experiences has dropped from 47 per cent in 2015 to 40 per cent this year; while ‘delighted’ consumers increased from 22 per cent to 26 per cent over the same period.

The study also showed that digital experience has impact on consumer loyalty, with delighted consumers now nearly five times more likely to remain loyal to a brand than those who are unsatisfied. Meanwhile only 16 per cent of unsatisfied customers said they will remain loyal to a brand.

The report also finds a strong link between digital experience and digital outcomes: Aussies who are delighted with their digital experience are found to be more willing to disclose personal information − such as their buying preferences, health records, web browsing history, and personal finances − than their unsatisfied counterparts. 

Named among the best digital brands by SAP is Suncorp for insurance. Other top performing brands include Coles for grocery retail sector, Target in consumer goods retail, iiNet among telecommunications and ISP providers, Synergy in utilities sector, and Netflix in the media and entertainment sector.

Topping the list on customer satisfaction with digital are media and entertainment and retail groceries. Insurance, along with banking and consumer goods retail, are industries which have shown improvements in digital performance.

“The good news is things are getting better for Australian consumers, and more brands are delivering the digital experience basics,” said John Ruthven, president and managing director, SAP Australia and New Zealand.

“Yet the year-on-year comparisons show there is still much to do to deliver the digital experiences that truly delight consumers.”

“Digital transformation means different things to different people, but the motivation behind it is always the same: the customer. Every time customers gain more power, organisations need more power to keep up with their demands. Brands that perform best are those who unite their people and processes on a single system to deliver on their customers’ relentlessly increasing demands.”

To download The Australian Digital Experience Report 2016, click here.

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