Education firm issues CPD point reminder

Education firm issues CPD point reminder | Insurance Business

Education firm issues CPD point reminder
Compliance, education and HR providers Gold Seal have reminded brokers that time is running out to complete their continuous professional development (CDP) hours.

With most training records running from January to December, Gold Seal have advised brokers to check their records as time is running out to complete the ASIC required hours in the run-up to Christmas.

Gold Seal receives a bumper batch of calls as the year draws to a close with questions such as ‘how many points are needed to meet the ASIC requirements’ and ‘can a part-time worker pro-rate points in accordance with the number of hours they’ve worked.’

Sheila Baker, Managing Director of Gold Seal said of the impending deadline: “It may not be as much fun as the latest Google glasses but getting those CPD hours before Christmas is a truly practical gift. With many industry events and a variety of online courses, Christmas shopping for CPD points is easy!”
 “And no, sorry, if you have a part time employee, points can’t be pro-rated according to the number of hours worked.”

ASIC’s regulatory guide requires that professional development programmes be implemented and reviewed annually and while it is AFS licensees that are required to keep training records, Gold Seal suggests that each broker keep a personal record too.

To refresh the memory on how to earn points, Gold Seal gives the following guide:
  • Structured training e.g. workshops conducted by accredited providers
  • Online learning modules conducted by accredited providers
  • Technical reading
  • Training other employees
  • Attending conferences and conventions