Expert issues warning to insurers on customer experience

Expert issues warning to insurers on customer experience | Insurance Business

Expert issues warning to insurers on customer experience

Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of natural disasters such as wildfires, extreme weather, and floods – and a customer service expert has warned insurers of the need to “fine-tune” their customer experience in order to make the claims process as painless as possible

Andi Dominguez, an insurance expert at customer service firm Quadient, said that if an insurer is offering policies designed to cover natural disasters, they must be there for customers from the moment they sign their policies.

“This means laying firm foundations for how they will support policyholders before, during, and after natural disasters,” said Dominguez.

According to Dominguez, insurers should use technologies such as push notifications and SMS to warn customers if a problem could be on the way, to give advice on how to prepare, and to keep them updated as a disaster is unfolding. Insurers should also design their websites to improve the visibility and readability of FAQs and pin appropriate claims advice on their social media feeds.

“Using predictive data and proactively communicating with customers through the process of claiming for damages from a natural disaster will enable insurers to build a reputation, keeping hold of existing customers, and building trust with new ones,” said Dominguez.